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The Real Real is a high-quality apparel company that is known for its luxury clothes, shoes, and jewelry. The Real Real is now creating plans to introduce makeup to their luxury site. They did not campaign their introduction of makeup to their product line. Through quiet discussions, it was revealed that they would be opening their company to the cosmetic industry.

The Real Real runs a traditional street side business in Manhattan, New York. This is the main headquarters for their business, they also have a Las Vegas pop up shop. According to sources, the Real Real has made their makeup product available in their Manhattan location as well as their Vegas pop up shop. Although they are offering makeup options in their shops, they are still in the works of testing their products. Their choice to introduce makeup will most definitely expand their company’s outreach.

The Real Real did state that they are now offering makeup in their online store. They stated that they wanted to attract a certain crowd of luxury customers and consumers that will be attracted to their high-quality products. Their intent is to be a one-stop destination for all things luxury.

Their company is steering away from their consignment style when it comes to makeup, they are offering high-quality brand new products for their makeup selection. Some sources have said that the Real Real is working directly with their makeup handlers rather than going through a third party company.

The Real Real like many other online based company’s, has begun catering to millennials by offering beauty products in their stores. It is very important for their company to focus on the generation born during the rise of the internet because that is where many millennials spend most of their time. Prior to the release of their makeup products during the holiday season, founder Julie Wainwright revealed that they are focusing more on defining the lines between their beauty products in order to offer variety in their stores. The Real Real’s plan for the future will most definitely cater to current trending generations and styles.

William H. Saito started software programming in Elementary School and started his own company in high school. In 1998, he became Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2005, he sold his business to Microsoft before moving to Tokyo. He then founded the venture capital firm InTecur, which helps entrepreneurs.

Starting in 2011, he was the Chief Technology Officer of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission. He was an advisor to national governments, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, as well as many other organizations. He teaches, writes, and sits on various company boards.

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William Saito has helped over 25 businesses get started. He believes failure leads to innovation and progress. His philosophy revolves around seeing what works and what doesn’t. He was the Chief Technology Officer after Japan’s 2011 Tohoku earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown. From 2013 to 2017, he advised the Japanese Cabinet Office on cybersecurity. In 2015, he was a strategic advisor for Japan Airlines. He was given the Medal of Honor for his service to Japan.

His investment strategy is influenced by technological advancements in the global market. In a typical day, he figures out people’s problems and finds an appropriate solution. His primary methodology is Design Thinking which involves failing until a new idea works. He is excited by AI, AR/VR, blockchain, cloud, cybersecurity, machine learning, and robotics in general. He says innovation requires failure and teamwork.

He would tell his younger self to follow his passion but not rush things. He believes cybersecurity and information security are advantageous to companies. He says to be persistent until you become an expert and sell products to obtain repeat customers. To him, failure is education. He says business models can expand by becoming mobile-centric. Being in good health is very important to him. He uses Various Software As A Service, WorkDay, SalesForce, Amazon, and Office265. He recently read “Life 3.0” by Max Tegmark, a book that shows the importance of AI and how it will change the world.

In short, intellectual property refers to creations, ideas, innovativeness, and even pure genius that can’t be physically touched. Some examples of intellectual property include methods of processing products in factories that create higher-quality outputs or pump out products more quickly, jingles heard on commercials to help consumers identify brands at hand, songs someone or some group wrote from scratch that they do not want outright stolen or used without authorization, and catchphrases used in advertisements narrow the gap between potential customers and businesses.


There are four types of intellectual property – copyrights, trade secrets, patents, and trademarks. It’s OK if you don’t understand the differences between intellectual property types; as long as you’re able to listen to the wise words of one of the world’s most well-known, extensively-read, appropriately-qualified intellectual property experts in Professor Kamil Idris.


Here are a few things that countries are essentially required to have in place if they hope to source intellectual property directly inside of their respective borders


Countries typically set overarching objectives that government officials hope to meet by various time horizons. While every government focuses on different things, many developed nations make priorities of responsibilities associated with improving the infrastructure that handles such intellectual property. Another characteristic of well-performing national economies can be identified when a significant portion of politicians inside a government’s constituency is collectively very much interested in intellectual property.


Some countries’ cultures do not respect rights to intellectual property. Although some of these countries’ economies are nothing short of high-powered – let’s look at China, for example – states that fail to respect intellectual property rules are typically not associated with positive economic performance. Lastly, some countries are inherently more attractive to individuals, parties of people, and organizations interested in intellectual property. These areas are typically filled with people, businesses, and organizations that readily churn out high-quality content in the form of intangible intellectual property.


Professor Kamil Idris is a lifelong lawyer, politician, and civic-minded member of several high-performance organizations. Mr. Idris is relevant to the aforementioned topic of intellectual property because he’s been the Director General – the top dog – of the World Intellectual Property Organization, served as President of two international mediation courts, and proudly holds a doctoral degree he used to teach at colleges and universities.

The relationship between Joe Arpaio and President Trump is a union of two corrupt officials,” these are the sentiments of journalist Jim Larkin of Phoenix New Times. Together with Michael Lacey, Larkin has been one of the human rights advocates in Arizona.

He believes that the rights of immigrants should be respected just like those of every other human being. According to the human rights charter of 1945, every human being should be accorded human rights despite the color, origin or anything else.

Joe Arpaio is the former sheriff of Maricopa County. He is one of the rogue officers America has ever had in recent history. In fact, he used to be known as “Americas Toughest Sheriff.” His role in harassment of immigrant in the state of Arizona is something that will remain vivid in the minds of many people who underwent torture in his hands.

Arpaio would order for the arrest of all immigrants in the county and then take them to concentration camps which he had established against the law. He would use these concentration camps as jails where people would be held awaiting deportation to their countries of origin.

In the concentration camps, tens of people lost lives due to horrible conditions, beatings, and torture of different dimensions. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin hold Arpaio responsible for the crimes which happened at the time. He was the sheriff when all this happened.

They opined that he deserved to be placed behind bars and convicted for breaking the law. Through Phoenix New Times, a paper that the two journalists own, they exposed all the illegal activities that Joe Arpaio was committing. In fact, they concentrated so much on the former sheriff that he even plotted a plan to intimidate them through arrest.

Lacey and Larkin were against attempts by the former sheriff to torture people whose only crime was being in the country without documents. It is unimaginable that death can be used to punish immigration in a county that claims to have the best democracy in the world.

Lacey and Larkin went behind the scenes to uncover all the illegal concentration camps that the Sheriff was running. They felt that for a person of the caliber of the Sheriff to be behind such atrocities, such a person deserved to be punished.

The efforts of Lacey and Larkin to pursue justice for the immigrants who were tortured by Joe Arpaio seemed to bear fruits in 2017 when he was found guilty of ignoring orders to stop harassment of immigrants in his county. He was to be sentenced in October of the same year, but this never happened. Joe Arpaio ad President Trump had a different plan.

In August, the President signed a presidential pardon of the sheriff. This meant that Joe Arpaio would not face the sentencing. He was now a free man who would go about his businesses freely like he never committed any crimes against the people. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The pardon brought to an end the whole controversy that had followed the 85 years old former sheriff. Despite the pardon, Lacey and Larkin have promised to continue with the push for equality of all races living in the United States.

Robert Deignan:

Robert Deignan is the co founder and also the CEO of ATS Digital Services. This is a company that provides digital support to consumers and clients all through out the world. This has been a huge help for those who are not so good with technology, since technology has increased so much over the years. Robert Deignan was born in Fort, Lauderdale, Florida. He grew up playing sports and was very good at football. In fact, he was so good at this sport that he was able to attend Purdue University with a full ride scholarship because of football. Robert Deignan was also always very invested into the business world and he knew since a very young age that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He was able to start this company based on a dream that he has always had. He enjoys helping out others and coming up with software that will benefit and make life easier for people, while at the same time being in charge and running his own business. He was able to combine them both and bring to life his project. Robert Deignan explains that it was not easy to start his own business. His days start at very early in the morning and they end late at night. Most of day consists of working and making sure his business is running efficiently. In a recent interview done, he explains that in order to bring his ideas to life it helps him to be outside relaxing in nature. This is a method that he uses whenever he is feeling stressed out or needs to problem solve. Another thing that he spends most of his day doing is analyzing numbers and making sure that his business is up to standards. This means planning meetings and making sure that his team knows what is going with his company as well. Robert Deignan is a hard working man who deserved to be acknowledged for all that he has been able to accomplish through out his business career.

Igor Cornelsen is a renowned Brazilian investor. Born on October 4, 1947 in Curitiba, he is a true case of success. He has had a successful banking career dealing with investment banking. As an investment advisor, he sure knows how to lead firms towards accomplishing their goals. He started schooling as an Engineer at the Federal University of Parana before changing his mind and shifted to the school of Economics two years later.

His early career was as an investment banker at Multibanco in Brazil. His math’s skills would help him excel at his work as he had his way with numbers. He received accolades and scaled his way up the banking sector. At the same speed, he joined the board of directors and sooner became the CEO at the same bank. This was two years after becoming a member of the board of directors at Multibanco.

Multibanco was acquired later by the bank of America, which led to his resignation as he pursued other opportunities. He did not shy away from the opportunity to work for Unibanco. This was a leading investment firm in Brazil. He worked with the firm for 7years. He, later on, made a move to Libra Bank PLC.

Libra Bank PLC offered a good platform for Igor and his friends to advance their careers. The salary was in dollars. He made a move to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. This was a good move for his career, which was on constant growth. There he worked as a member of the board and a representative from Brazil. He left the bank in 1995 ready to establish his own investment firm.

With his prior knowledgebase, Igor has been able to set a great path for his continued success. He anticipates that 2018 will offer a lot more in terms of investment trends.

He, however, thinks that Cryptocurrency trade is too risky. He thinks that it is highly volatile and it requires time before one can venture in it.

Igor Cornelsen has grown his business through the years. He attributes his success to his experience and also his discovering the depreciation of assets beforehand. This has kept him in the business for long

According to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, A group combating the unfiltered flow of company cash into politics can pay a number of its own money this election cycle in a trial besides U.S. Rep. Keith Rothfus from workplace.

The End Citizens United helped fund a $35 million disbursal campaign that’s targeting politicians World Health Organization — in line with the committee — play up to company donors “at the expense of the yank folks.”

In a written statement from End Citizens United, committee President creative person Muller referred to as the Sewickley- area Republican legislator “one of Washington’s worst offenders” of affirmative mega-donors whereas ignoring constituents.

“We’re mobilizing our grassroots members to assist throw him out of workplace and elect a reformer World Health Organization can fight for the wants of families within the district,” Ms. Muller aforementioned.


That “reformer” is Democrat Conor Lamb, whom the committee conjointly backed in March once he was running for the eighteenth dominion. throughout that race, finish voters United ran a $250,000 crusade for him, laudatory his pledge to reject company cash.

The committee believes the difficulty of campaign finance will facilitate Democratic candidates across the country acquire Trump voters, which — just like the president’s own pledge to “Drain The Swamp” — it’ll resonate with voters World Health Organization have progressively low religion within the government.

But Mr. Rothfus’s campaign interpreter deemed the PAC’s efforts a “desperate try by the acute left and their outside forces to incorrectly attack the Congressman’s record.”

“As so much as legislator Rothfus’ fundraising cares, the bulk of the Congressman’s donations throughout his campaigns are from people, that calls into question the quality of this outside cluster,” interpreter microphone Barley aforementioned. “Additionally, any commission cash he has accepted have had zero concerning however the legislator has voted.”

The End Citizens United PAC’s fundraising numbers seem to get on pace to pass its haul in 2016, after they raised regarding $25 million. As of April thirty, finish voters United had brought in nearly $18 million this cycle, with quite ninety % of its donations returning in at below $200.

The commission was established in 2015, 5 years when the Supreme Court opened the door for unlimited disbursal from personal companies and unions in support of political candidacies.

The End Citizens United company reports that the Rothfus campaign, though, gave Mr. Lamb a punchy name — “The geographical region Liberal” — declarative that he skint his pledge to not take commission donations.

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David McDonald works as Chief Officer of Operations and President of OSI Group. Previously he operated in a Meat Institute of North America as the Chairman. He has been an Executive Director since 2008 December at Marfrig Foods, and it was when Mafrid had procured operations of OSI Group in Brazil and Europe. McDonald is part of Directors’ Board in OSI and works as an Executive of International OSI Foods. David McDonald graduated from the University of Iowa with Animal Science degree.

OSI Group obtained the Dutch manufacturer known as Baho Food which provides deli meats, snacks and convenience foods serving the retail segments and food service. Monetary terms of the exchange were not unveiled. David McDonald said that addition of Baho Food to Europe OSI business makes OSI Company have an extensive representation in a more substantial part of Europe. Baho Food portfolio of brands and products supplements OSI’s Group strengths in processing while widening the company’s abilities to meet the developing expectations of diverse client’s base adequately.

Baho foods contain five processing plants subsidiaries in Netherlands and Germany. The five organizations are Vital Convenience, Gelderland Frischwaren, Bilt Henri, Smart life and Bakx Foods, serving clients in eighteen European nations. Baho’s director of all administrations, Balvers John, and his management group are going to continue to work for the organization and jointly operate with executives of OSI in coming up with developing strategies for the recently joined organizations. John said that he is excited about being a member of a large OSI Group. “OSI has remarkable associations with its suppliers and customers. Baho Food, which is OSI Group owned, will be ideally situated to benefit from the capabilities and experience that OSI has. With a consolidated positive quality, both organizations will be surprisingly well placed to assist the clients in understanding what is best for them and provide them with a broad portfolio of products. This exchange will quicken the development procedure of OSI and offer support in mutually comprehending our goals.”

OSI announced a merger between them and Turi Foods. This merger will represent their operations in Australia, and it will be called Turosi Ltd. The alliance develops a stable vital union which will empower Turosi to provide a full scope of marketplace food solutions. This will complement a dominant brand of OSI Group with the current nourishment brands of Bannockburn, La Ionica, Colonial Farm and Golden Farms.”Turi and OSI Group have created a business of solid notoriety that each organization represents to its potential customers,” said David McDonald. “There is enormous potential to continue serving our clients with new inventive forms of service and provide some open doors for our common groups to exceed expectations in the new energizing association.

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In 1980, Dr. Saad Saad was offered a unique opportunity serving the Saudi Royal as a private pediatric for two main reasons; – he was a board-certified pediatric surgeon who could fluently speak in both English and Arabic in the whole of United States.


Dr. Saad was conceived in Palestine, brought up in Kuwait with a poor background, and was one of eight siblings – three surgeons, to Masters Degrees in Engineering, two PhDs, and one teacher. He attained his medical degree 47 years back in Egypt at Cairo University with honors. After the completion of his internship in England, Dr. Saad moved to the United States 45 years back. He finished his residency in surgery later in Pediatric Surgery and is now Board Certified in the Pediatric Surgery.


While still working at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh, Dr. Saad was called up to perform simple to most complicated surgeries. He completed a pediatric medical procedure on the youngest child to have been admitted with an aneurysm. He saved the baby and persuaded a world-class scientific daily to publish the points of interest of the case with the aim of educating others. The Protocol Office as well as the head of the doctor’s facility profoundly regarded Dr. Saad’s assessment as an accomplished specialist. His proposals on whether to perform medical procedures at the hospital or flying patients abroad were considered important. An assistant boss at the center personally put his trust on Dr. Saad to perform a medical procedure on his child at the hospital as opposed to flying him abroad.


Dr. Saad, while in the U.S, served his community and also helped youngsters and the youths in the Holy Land, including four Medical Missions in U.S and eight Medical Missions to Jerusalem and West Bank to perform free complex medical procedures on poor youngsters. This chance in Saudi Arabia handed him another opportunity in serving the less fortunate by providing their children the absolute best therapeutic process when they were generally frantic.


Dr. Saad created numerous new pediatric surgeries and had also patented two inventions. He made a gadget that finds a catheter inside the body with no kind of specialized scanner. He went ahead in making another device – an endoscope with an inbuilt suction which clears liquids providing a clear view for the surgeon. His inventions enabled doctors to avoid unnecessary complications and play out their roles in a quicker, more secure way.


He’s been married for over 42 years and got four children; – two surgeons, a lawyer, and one ICU Nurse. Dr. Saad was initially expected to remain in Saudi Arabia for one year, but he did not have the desire to move the children around as they were growing up and undergoing their early childhood education. Learn more:


Health care is a vital sector of the economy in various parts of the world. Good healthcare increases productivity of human resource .lack of efficient health care facilities leads to the collapse of other areas of the economy. The healthcare sector should be led people who have vast experience and skills in healthcare management. InnovaCare is a leading healthcare facility that has attracted the attention of many people due to high-quality service that it provides. The management team is made up of professionals who understand the importance of good healthcare. The health is led by Rick Shinto who serves as the president and CEO of the company.

Rick Shinto has enabled the company to succeed in the healthcare industry due to experience that he has in the medical practice and management. He has served in various companies and gained experience for more than 20 years. He was appointed to serve in the executive position in the companies due to his competence in health care management. Some of the prestigious institutions that he led to achieve their objectives are NAMM and Aveta. He served as the chief medical officer in the two healthcare facilities.

Rick Shinto is an educated man who brought a lot of transformation in InnovaCare. He graduated with an MBA from the University of Redlands. He is an alumnus of the State University of New York where he obtained his degree in medicine .the quality of education that he obtained has played an important role in elevated him to high levels in his career. Rick works together with Penelope Kokkinides to ensure InnovaCare provides outstanding services in North America. Kokkinides has been practicing medicine for over 20 years. His main role in the company is the design and implementation of treatment plans.He has worked with Shinto for many years and recorded tremendous growth in the company. The two doctors have ensured that InnovaCare Health has well-trained professionals who will satisfy the needs of its clients.

Rick Shinto has worked tirelessly to provide conducive healthcare for both the employees and clients. He has built a competent team of employees who strive to achieve the objectives of the company. He has cultivated a collaborative culture in the company. The company is currently based in Puerto Rico, and it has opened two affiliates which are PMC and MMM. The affiliates were launched through innovative ideas of Shinto. Shinto has been recognized for the productive work in healthcare through several awards such as Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award.


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