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Talk Fusion offers a full service package including a platform for conferencing and video marketing for the creation of newsletters and emails. Bob Reina founded the business to assist clients in the building of loyalty to their brands, improve their relations with their clients, increase retention and reduce the costs associated with advertising. This has been accomplished by consistently providing the latest in video communications.


Talk Fusion entered the scene in 2007. The company was intent on helping businesses remain a step ahead of their competition while increasing their profits and sales. Talk Fusion has demonstrated their marketing tools provide an amazing use of video. The business has continued to expand and now offers an app for video chat. The app is called Fusion on the Go and adds convenient new functions and features. The app can be found at the Google Play and iTunes stores and is downloadable to iPhones, iPod Touches, iPads and any device with the iOS 7 operating system. The 4.4.3 system or above is required for Androids.


Talk Fusion’s leading products has always been video. Their app enables the connection of businesses to their contacts. The users can use their Android or Apple devices to send video email messages. This allows them to keep track of their campaigns from any location. When personalized emails can be incorporated with video for team members, vendors and customers it is easy to gain their attention. This leads to a higher rate of engagement and more clicks. The app can also send videos with uploads or live recordings. The template can be chosen once the video has been completed. The names of the features and display names can be changed to better tie in with the message.


Bob Reina enjoys mentioning Talk Fusion can be used for personal calls to family and friends. This is convenient because the video calls can be initiated with different devices. Family and friends can be contacted using any device at any location. The app enables private meeting rooms that are easily revisited, international mobile calls and unlimited emails and messages provided the user has a Wi-Fi connection. The modifications on the app provide picture messaging, chatrooms using the country as the basis, chats with multiple friends and excellent picture quality. The images are crystal clear.


Fusion on the Go has built a streamlines, slick design with more capabilities and quicker functionality. The set up is user friendly and excellent for the masses. Learn more:

There are lots of people who are finding out predictions about the new year, so it is just a good idea to secure your future. This particular year is going to be fraught with uncertainty, so this is why you need to consider financial planning and investing. Read more:

One way for you to do this is through stocks and bonds, but these can be even more unpredictable than mercury being in retrograde. Instead, you might want to consider investing in precious metal options like gold and silver. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

You will find that putting money into this particular option is ideal for when you want to make a lot of money. In fact, the price of gold and silver is continually going up, so this is definitely something that will benefit you if you’d like to earn a bit of cash over time and secure your future. Read more:

If you would like to make use of this type of investment, it is time for you to give US Money Reserve a try for yourself. The US Money Reserve is one of the nation’s leading reserves for precious metals, so it’s a company that you can easily trust to know you’re getting a quality product.

There are tons of different benefits to using the US Money Reserve site and company. For one, the US Money Reserve site has tons of products available for you to buy at your own convenience.

The purchase decision that you make is going to be quite affordable, especially considering the actual price of gold and silver. Plus, you can even sell back some of your precious metals to US Money Reserve if this is something that you would like to cash in on and make some money off of right now.

There are lots of benefits to utilizing the US Money Reserve site, but the key is to put your investment into something that is going to grow in value with time instead of always losing money.

You might not get this if you go with stocks and bonds or other types of reserve companies, so make sure that you give US Reserve a try for yourself and see just why millions of people have made use of the company since its inception over two decades ago.

In fact, you’re going to find them to be one of the only options available for those who want to purchase either silver or gold.

Someone once said that education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow is for those who prepare for it today and this is what makes Rocketship Education different. Rocketship Education focuses on helping their students not only succeed in their academics but also in their character. The school believes that every student has a potential inside them and it is their responsibility to help these students unleash that.

For that reason, Rocketship Education has opened doors for anyone who is willing to join. The process is easy and the application can be done at the comfort of your home. Rocketship Education is filled with exceptional educators who have taught very many successful students in the past.

What a New Semester Means for Rocketship Education Students

A new semester has arrived and a Rocketship Education student is going back to school. However, unlike most students, their focus is to come up with fresh, realistic goals through some original ideas.

In fact, their exceptional educators play an important role in helping these students come up with effective strategies to achieve their goal. In addition, educators address any form of habit that might be a hindrance for these students in their path to achieve their goals.

Therefore, Rocketship Education becomes a place for many of the students who had fallen behind in their goals and character to have a second chance.

To ensure that they do so much within a short time, educators try to come up with interesting projects for different levels for their students. These projects are closely monitored by their educators as they seek to help students understand the importance of taking responsibility.

In addition, these projects are broken down into smaller timed mini projects. Educators aim to help students understand the importance of time in their lives and especially in their projects. Nonetheless, this does not mean educators impose anything on the students but rather work together to determine their strength and the time they would take on a mini project.

Rocketship Education educators aim to not only help their students improve in their academics but also in their character.

Success of Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education has grown from a low-ranking school to be one of the best in California helping low income students. Truth be told, Rocketship Education is doing better in terms of exceling in their academics, and also building of character than most schools in California and in the wealthier districts that surround.

One of the biggest responsibilities that all people share today is the need to invest and save for the future. Since this can be a challenging process due to complexities in the marketplace and overall risks, many people would benefit greatly by seeking out the advice from financial experts that are experienced in a wide variety of parts of the market and economic cycle. One organization that has continued to provide its customers with amazing service and educational support is Agora Financial, which was formed nearly 40 years ago. The growing company can provide a range of different products and services that can help anyone to become a more successful trader and investor.   Agora Financial was initially founded in 1979 by Bill Bonner, who was already well known in the field for being a top financial author and writer. Prior to starting the company, he had written a number of different books and was well educated on the financial markets. Today, the company focuses on providing customers with a wide range of different types of periodicals.

The company will typically send out a newsletter on a monthly basis that is focused towards investors that would like to invest in the energy, small-cap, and the technology industries.  With each newsletter that a customer receives, a customer will be able to gain valuable insight into the current market situation. Since these markets can be very volatile, having the most accurate and current information is very important. The newsletter will also discuss a variety of changes that could impact the market in the future including regulations changes, competition, and industry trends.  Based on the information provided, the company can also provide you with direct suggestions on how to trade in current situations. The trading pattern that they have in place is time tested to be quite successful, which has helped people to do well when investing in the markets.

While Agora Financial is best known for their books and newsletters, there are other advantages to membership as well. One of the main advantages to membership is that you will get access to a larger network of people. There are more than 100,000 people across 80 countries that are members of the organization. Many of these people choose to attend regular networking events, which will allow you to meet more people in the industry and to get more perspective on how to trade.  Agora Financial will also host regular educational sessions during the year. Agora Financial typically selects a few large cities each year where they will provide free seminar that can help explain the benefits of membership and give a glimpse into how the membership of the program could benefit them in the future.

Many people think that becoming an entrepreneur is something anyone can achieve. In reality, entrepreneurs have certain characteristics. Entrepreneurs take risk and they are not afraid of failure. They have an extreme amount of passion and motivation. Entrepreneurs have great confidence in themselves and believe in their ideas, even when no one else does. Entrepreneurial ventures have an exceptionally high failure rate. Most entrepreneurs have an exit strategy already planned just in case things do not work out. Many choose to be entrepreneurs because of the flexibility and the idea of becoming their own boss. An important step in becoming an entrepreneur is to find the right business that fits you. Your social lifestyle, age, and interests all affect this. If you’re not sure what the right business is for you, do what you know, do what others do, and solve a common problem. You can visit educacaofisica to know more.



He is described as an icon in journalism and entrepreneurship, and he is one of the top influential men in Brazil. Jose Hawilla is an entrepreneur who was born in São José do Rio Preto, Brazil. He is the owner of Traffic, which is the largest sports marketing company in Brazil. He is also the owner of Rede Globo affiliates. Traffic was founded in 1980 and leads important football competitions, marketing TV rights, and sponsorship and promotions in Latin America. In 2013, Hawilla launched the Bom Bom Network. This network publishes eight newspapers in the interior cities of São Paulo. Check out abril to see more.



To achieve success in one’s career, Jose Hawilla says one must possess ambition, competence, and luck. At a lecture with students in São José do Rio Preto, Hawilla answered questions relating to becoming a successful professional. As stated by Hawilla, the more information a person has, the easier it becomes to have professional success. He says that it is up to a person to find their opportunities in life. This idea came from his final note to the students about the will to win.


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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi runs the Bradesco Bank located in Brazil. Cappi began working at the Bradesco bank in 1969 when he was 17 years of age. He was born in Marilia, Sao Paulo on October 6, 1952.

After he graduated from high school, he pursued his college at the University of Sao Paulo. After receiving his undergraduate degree from the University of Sao Paulo, he received his Master’s degree in Socio-Psychology. He attended the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics in Sao Paulo for his master’s degree. While getting his degrees his worked and was eventually promoted to the Marketing Director at the Bradesco Bank after 15 years.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was placed in many positions before he was selected to be the President of the Bradesco Bank. In 1992 he became the Chief Executive Officer of a private pension company until he was promoted to the Managing Director of the Bradesco Bank in 1998. A short time after he became the Managing Director at the bank he was promoted to the position of Executive Vice President of the Bradesco Bank. In 2003 Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was named the new President of the Bradesco Bank. His time as president of the Bradesco Bank started in 2003 and will end after 15 years on March 12, 2018. The new President of the Bradesco Bank’s name is Octavio de Lazari Junior.

Octavio de Lazari Junior is set to take control of the Bradesco Bank on March 12, 2018, when the board meeting will be held. Many people did not think that Lazari would be the new president. Lazari was not one of the top choices. The board had seven vice presidents to choose from. Mauricio Minas who is over technology was one of the top candidates for the job. Mauricio Minas’ resume was not able to compare to Octavio de Lazari Junior’s when it came to who would best benefit the company’s growth. Lazari’s qualifications showed that the Bradesco Bank would greatly benefit from his skills and expertise. Lazari has skills that will without a doubt help the company grow during his time as President. The Bradesco Bank is the second largest bank in Brazil. They are focused on making the company better. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi helped them gain a significant amount of success, but they are looking to achieve more.

Octavio de Lazari Junior has a stellar resume which aided in him being selected as the President of the Bradesco Bank. He has worked at the Bradesco Bank since 1978. Cappi became the Agency Manager after working at the bank for some time. In 1998 he began working in the credit department at the bank. He now holds positions related to credit. In 2010 he was given control of the Department of Loans and Financing. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Brazilian Association of Real Estate Credit and Savings Entities amongst the other positions he holds.

Search more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi:

In November 2017, President Donald Trump granted a pardon to Joe Arpaio which was legally confirmed by Susan R. Bolton a U.S. District Judge. Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio was just weeks away from a lengthy prison sentence.

Joe Arpaio was convicted for ignoring an Order by an Arizona federal judge on his illegal tactics of rounding up immigrants and a racial profiling lawsuit in Maricopa County, Arizona from 2007. Why is this important, who are the persons involved and what does all this mean? This pardon is at the heart of the present headlines for immigration and deportation issues.

When a President pardons an individual, it also means that their crimes or offenses can no longer be held against them, which means Joe Arpaio would go scott-free.

This news story starts with former Phoenix New Times co-owners Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin who have a long-standing confrontational history with Joe Arpaio. In October 2007, journalist Lacey and Larkin were invaded in their home during a late-night raid orchestrated by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Lacey and Larkin were arrested and jailed because they believe that their continually exposure of Joe Arpaio’s cruel and inhumane treatment of local Latinos, may have made them a target of the sheriff’s tirades. At the unconstitutional jailing of Jim and Michael, there arose an uproar from the American Civil Liberties Union in Arizona, political areas, and many other civil rights groups in favor of their release

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have been editors and publishers of grassroot newspaper publications both online and in print like, Village Voice Media, and the founders and former owners of the New Times tabloid.

Currently, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have lofted a new journalist’s website called the Front Page Confidential, where they address issues involving cases and threats to freedom of speech rights and the First Amendment.

Talking about he feels about Joe Arpaio arresting he and Jim, Michael Lacey said that the sheriff probably got tired of them openly reporting about illegal activities that Arpaio has been a part of for years. However, Jim and Michael sued the Maricopa County officials and Joe Arpaio for an unconstitutional arrest which involved the taking of their journalistic notes and papers.

It took five years, but Jim Larkin and Michael Lacy were found not guilty and was awarded $3.75 million. Jim and Michael used their awarded monies to create the Arizona based Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, which is an organization involved in human rights and civil rights for all persons.

Of course, when Joe Arpaio was pardoned, you can imagine how Jim and Michael felt. Their comments included a repeat of a Rex Tillerson statement saying that the President and his pardon was a moronic move.

Both Lackey and Larkin stated that pardoning Joe Arpaio was a black mark against the President and this nation.

Michael Lacey also verbally listed the many atrocities against the Latino population in the Maricopa County that took place over the six terms (24 years) of Joe Arpaio, culminating in the case of Melendres v. Arpaio which was the reason why the former sheriff was convicted. Upon Joe Arpaio’s release, he tried to run for another term as sheriff, but was totally defeated!

Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: and


Dr. Mark Mofid is a board-certified cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon who is based in the LaJolla and San Diego areas in California. He started practicing in 2004 after a fellowship in advanced craniofacial research at John Hopkins University School of Medicine and attending Harvard University, where he graduated magna cum laude.

He became inspired by plastic and reconstructive surgery after watching a cancer patient’s self-esteem become inflated after cosmetic treatment. His very first patient actually followed him all the way from Baltimore to California. Dr. Mark Mofid’s philosophy is to not go overboard. He told “It’s this commitment to quality that allows me to rest easy at night knowing that I’ll never be the subject of a ‘plastic-surgery-gone-wrong’ biopic.” Indeed, he is well-known for his natural-looking results, sometimes turning down loyal, long-time patients.

Dr. Mark Mofid actually designed a gluteal implant that was more aesthetically pleasing than the current implants at the time and was easier for intramuscular positioning, which is the only type of gluteal enhancement he will perform. He actually studied in Brazil to learn the technique of buttock augmentation from the top butt surgeon who has been performing them since 1984. Before designing the Low Profile Round Gluteal implant, Dr. Mark Mofid was using off-the-shelf silicone implants, but, according to, he says he “carved every one down before surgery, which was time-consuming.”

Dr. Mark Mofid is an Associate Clinical Professor at the San Diego campus of the University of California’s Division of Plastic Surgery, has been published in international medical journals like Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, is able to perform surgery at various hospitals in and around the San Diego and La Jolla areas, and has been invited to speak at many medical engagements in the United States and around the world. Dr. Mark Mofid is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Ronald Fowlkes has spent most of his adult life protecting others from danger. He has done so in numerous ways which include serving his country in the United States Marine Corps, working in law enforcement for over 13 years, and assisting the federal government as a department of defense contractor with the United States Army in Iraq.


While he was a marine, Ronald had to go through many courses of required training in order to be fit for combat. He attended basic training, and then went on to learn combat at the Marine Corps School of Infantry. Ronald also attended the Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO) basic training and US army parachute school. He would go on to earn the highly coveted Navy-Marine Corps parachute Insignia as well as participate in multiple small parachute operations that involved recon and gunfire missions. Once all of his military training was complete, Ronald served in the Gulf War and received two promotions in total during active duty from 1989 to 1993.


Once his duty as a marine was over, Ronald still felt the need to continue serving his country in some way. This led him to work with the United States military as a Department of Defense contractor in Iraq. He primarily worked in the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) where his job was to help keep US military personnel safe from improvised explosives. He also worked in active combat zones in various mounted and dismounted infantry operations.


After his time as a defense contractor, Ronald continued to serve and protect communities by getting into a law enforcement. He spent 10 years of his career with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, and another 3 years with the St. Louis County Police Department. While serving in law enforcement he became a certified tactical rifle instructor and he also worked closely with other trained professionals to educate and improve SWAT unit efficiency within the police departments.


Today Ronald is a business development manager of law enforcement and commercial products for Eagle Industries Unlimited. His primary objectives entail communicating with customers nationwide, educating company sales reps on products, and product selection for the company. Ronald plays a huge role in deciding what Eagle Industries Unlimited will ultimately deliver and sell to customers.


Outside of work, Ronald is an avid hockey fan. He loves to be involved in the sport in any capacity possible, and can usually be found coaching his son’s hockey team from the sidelines whenever he is not busy.


The state of New Jersey has a housing problem on its hands like many coastal states do. Namely that there’s a housing shortage that is tough to resolve. Also, home affordability is a huge issue and the tight housing supply doesn’t help that at all. When a house does go on the market it gets multiple bids over the asking price. More homes need to be built in this state in order to ease both issues.


Patch recently published a report about these issues in New Jersey and one of the companies that is building homes. That company is Boraie Development, LLC of New Brunswick. Despite the issues in the state some believe, like Lawrence Yun of the National Association of Realtors, that is about to have a renaissance in residential properties. Helping the matter there are a number of vacant properties, usually do to foreclosure, that once they hit the market they should supply enough people with homes to ease the inventory issue to some extent.


Boraie Development is a company that focuses on providing housing in urban cores like New Brunswick, Newark, and Atlantic City. They build towers that include either condos or apartments depending on what their research sees as having the greater need. These towers are usually luxury developments that also include space for offices and retail businesses. They develop buildings by acquiring the necessary money from private sources, usually commercial banks. For more details visit Crunchbase.


When Sam Boraie builds a new building they do so in a partnership with their capital partners as well as professionals in the building industry. This includes architects and contractors who have years of experience turning out high-quality buildings. One of the most important criteria the executives of Boraie Development have is working with other professionals who highly value both quality and meeting deadlines on their projects.


In addition to building new residential towers in urban cores, Boraie Development also manages these properties. They do property management such as ongoing maintenance, accounting, customer service, and other matters. They also sell units in their condo buildings and market their properties on their own. They are committed to delivering spectacular, well-managed properties that exhibit excellent customer service. One of their most sought-out properties is The Aspire, located in New Brunswick, which features a quick commute into New York City as the nearest subway is just moments away.



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