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Heather Parry took to the helm of Live Nation Productions on December 1, 2015, but did not see the need to make a ‘splashy announcement’. She, instead, chose to get right to work right away, teaming up with director/actor Colin Hanks on a documentary about Eagles of Death Metal.

Parry managed to convince everyone that indeed, music documentaries can be serious cinema. This came to pass after the film got nominated for the Critics’ Choice Awards. After spending several years at MTV and almost 10 years at Happy Madison, Parry believes that she has finally found her footing; a place where she can perfectly blend her love for cinema and music. True to her word, she has already posted impressive results on the same as seen in the current Lady Gaga film; “Gaga: Five Foot Two” as well as Puff Daddy’s Bad boy Records story dubbed “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”.

Parry credits her success to the formidable list of contacts she has. Most of these came during her dozen years at MTV. Despite starting up as a 22-year-old at MTV, she went on to raise the ladder, becoming its West Coast Bureau Chief.

Recently, Parry’s company got involved with “A Star is Born” one of the most promising films of the year thus far. Parry can be best described as a go-getter who won’t let any opportunity pass her. She seems to have brought this energy to Live Nation Productions if the current development at the company is anything to go by.

Heather Parry already has several films in the pipeline. This includes works on pop singers Kim Petras and Noah Cyrus. Her friends adore her for her brilliance and self-drive. She keeps pushing the boundaries on matters creativity. She always loves looking at everything from all angles before starting off and this has kept her going.

Matthew Fleeger Hosts Toy Drive For The Sadie Keller Foundation

Sadie Keller may seem like a typical 11 years old, however, she is not. She is a survivor of childhood leukemia, philanthropist, and a noted public speaker. She is also the energy and inspiration behind the Sadie Keller Foundation. The foundation is based in North Texas, and they provide support to families who have children battling childhood cancer.

The mission of the Sadie Keller Foundation is straight forward. They want to raise awareness, provide comfort and some fun for the children fighting cancer, and they want the government to spend more money on pediatric cancer research. One fundraiser program sponsored by the foundation is Sadie’s Sleigh. The goal of the program is to collect gifts for children and their families who are dealing with childhood cancer. Presents are collected from all over the United States and they are delivered to children who are in hospitals in the Dallas Fort Worth area. When Sadie Sleigh toy drive began in 2015, 1500 toys were donated. The second year the number of toys donated more than double, and by 2017 10,000 toys were donated to the children.

However, the foundation realized that they could not do all the work themselves. They have reached out for some help and support and several cooperate sponsors stepped up. One person who has stepped up to help with Sadie’s Sleigh was Matthew Fleeger. Mathew Fleeger is President of Gulf Coast Western. Gulf Coast Western is known for working with non-profit organizations. In 2018, Fleeger teamed up with Sadie Keller and sponsored the 2018 Sadie’s Sleigh toy drive, which donated $14,000. This total was added to donations made in September. Thanks to the donations, Sadie more than exceeded her goal of giving 13,000 toys to children with cancer.

Guilherme Paulus is a Business Administrator born in Sao Paulo in 1949. Paulus is one of the most influential figures in Brazilian tourism sector because of his contribution to the industry. His company, CVC Brasil and GJP Hotel and Resorts, started operations in 1972 and has a wide range of hotels and resorts spread across the country. Guilherme started CVC in the municipality of Santo André, in São Paulo but he anchored it to one of the most significant tourism and travel operators not only in Brazil but also across Latin America. In the CVC Brasil’s management, Guilherme Paulus is the Chairman of the Advisory Board having transferred the company’s control to American fund Carlyle Group in 2009. He decided to hand over because the American Fund company would lead the management of CVC to a higher level.

In 1995, Guilherme Paulus bought the Rio Grande do Sul, situated in Gramado city and a resort in Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná. He started GJP Hotels and Resorts in 2005, a company that operates 23 hotels in Portugal and Brazil. GJP owns a dozen of these hotels and manages the rest. Paulus started GJP Incorporadora & Construtora in 2016, a company specializing in building apartments in tourist-rich places. The construction company together with GJP Hotels and Resorts form the GJP Group. Apart from managing his companies, Guilherme is an active member of the Brazil National Tourism Board from 2003, National Vice President, ABAV, International Relations of the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies and President, 25 de Janeiro Foundation. Between 2012 and 2016, Guilherme Paulus became the only entrepreneur to join CDES, Economic, and Social Development Council of the Federal Government.

Even though Guilherme Paulus started his working career at IBM, the idea of investing in hotels and resorts came from his friend, Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. He told Paulus that he thought of opening a tourist agency in Santo André. Paulus embraced the idea but confessed to Carlos that he had no money and they agreed that Carlos would provide the investment and Guilherme the groundwork. They set up their business outside a movie theater and worked together exchanging ideas for four years before parting ways, and the rest is history. ADVB/RS traz Guilherme Paulus, um dos maiores empresários do turismo, para participar do Você com o Presidente

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While most doctors are more concerned about the financial gain from plastic procedures, but Dr Sameer Jejurikar cares about the experience the patients get. It was his services that landed him to the registry of the Compassionate Doctor Certification. The award is given to doctors with good bedside manner scores, which is based on feedback from patients. The honor is only given to a few physicians. In 2012, only 3% of the physicians received the honor. The doctor was glad to be chosen among the few to get the recognition. He has also been added to the registry of business excellence.


Sameer Jejurikar has specialized in both general surgery and plastic surgery. He is affiliated with several hospitals in Dallas. Some of the hospitals he is working for are Pine Creek Medical Center and Dallas Medical Center. He has gone through the media practice that goes for about 11 to 20 years. Therefore, he has the needed skills to provide clients with the best service.

Advice on Taking Care of Scars

In one of his blog posts, Dr Jejurikar talks about optimizing scars cosmetic surgery. In as much as scars scare are part and parcel of cosmetic surgery, Dr Jejurikar believes in creating beautiful scars. He is also of the opinion that patients have an apart to play in how their scars look like after the surgery.

One of the rules he gives to achieve beautiful scars is protecting the scars from the sun. The sun’s UV rays can create permanent damage to the scars. The other rule is to use the silicone strips. The strips put pressure on the incision and act as a barrier against the UV rays. Finally, he advises patients to be careful of what they apply on their scars. There are products such as hydrogen peroxide that is harmful to scars final appearance.

A digital wallet is a concept that some people do not understand the need for. A digital wallet has the same purpose as a regular wallet. The nice part of a digital wallet is that it can hold everything on one device. A psi pay has a form of extra security versus that of a regular wallet. Digital wallets though vary from different parts of the world. The European wallet is used to carry cash balances. Their digital can hold many kinds of currency from euros to pounds. The digital wallet is also used to change the cryptocurrency into actual money for activities.

EcoPayz is a European-style digital wallet service. It is a free sign up for all users and they can start depositing cash right away. The new service has a VIP section for users to have more special features. EcoPayz has five tiers classic being the first and VIP being the last. The Gold, Platinum, and VIP have the benefit of free international transfers. EcoPayz as been in the industry for over a decade. They allow users to be able to deposit crypto-currency free of charge versus that of adding funds to a credit card.

PSI Pay is a company that is run by the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority. This helped users become more confident about going with digital banking. PSI Pay has been noted to be at its best financial state of the year. The company continues to grow at a great rate. PSI Pay has been authorized by MasterCard to supply businesses with pre-paid cards.

In America, their way of the digital wallet is by linking their cards to the wallet. This takes out the need to deposit any form of cash. The banks that are with the card handle all chargebacks than the consumer themselves. The consumers would simply enter their card information into the digital wallet and use the digital wallet on e-commerce sites. The service also protects the use of information and lower the risk of losing money to hackers or employees of a market. The American digital wallet doesn’t replace a bank account alone.

Kerv Wearables sells a ring that used to make payments at stores. Users of the rings do not need to do much to make the payment with the ring. The ring is not the only item replacing cards for payments. Consumers are getting gloves, bracelets, watches, and even pins to make in-store payments. Kerv partnered with PSI Pay to help with the selling of rings and refining their mobile wallet system. The wearable paying devices though have not picked up much traction. Some customers are still reluctant to pay for such a device. The wearable devices will be picking up though in the near future according to Mastercard. To know more about PSI Pay visit

The Aspire stands tall at the heart of New Jersey a few steps away from the magnificent Train Station of the city. The 24/7 doorman lobby complements the 238 residential units. The parking facility is heralded for its convenience as it provides direct access to the lobby elevator. Indoor bike storage facilities are also available for bike riders. Fitness enthusiasts get to make the most of the ultra-modern yoga space that doubles up as a fitness center.

The residents clubs, suitable for a host of functions including for rest, play or work, are available in the indoor and outdoor settings. The BBQ space on the rooftop is a great reclining spot. It is taken a notch higher with the sundecks and beautiful gardens. The setting of the complex provides an opportunity for a thriving nightlife along with an impeccable shopping experience in the 10,00 square feet of retail. The Robert Wood Johnson Hospital System that serves as a Children’s Cancer Institute is directly adjacent to the Aspire.

The building is one of the many developments in downtown New Jersey. Shaquille O’Neal, the seasoned NBA star, has joined these development efforts thanks to his partnership with Boraie Development. He is keen on helping his boyhood city restore its lost glory.

The CityPlex 12 Newark that was initially an old theater is a fruit of the blooming partnership. Their endgame is to transform the state’s distressed areas with a host of commercial and residential units. The extensive experience of Boraie Development along with the star power of Mr. O’Neal have allowed their partnership to gain traction.

Boraie Development has made headways as a prominent developer in the area and their efforts continue to be appreciated. The firm was established back in the ’70s when Omar Boraie chose to venture into the real estate market. He brought his children on board and the firm has grown in leaps and bounds over the years.

When we hear about information technology, we often think of a technical field. Jana Messerschmidt has been in the area for several years. She has a bachelor’s of science in computer engineering from the University of Illinois. She recently served as the vice president of global business development and platform on Twitter. Due to her rich experience, she was entrusted with essential departments such as business developments, enterprise sales, partner engineering marketing operations and partnerships. Before joining Twitter in 2010, she served at Netflix as the director of business development.

Jana later joined light speed after years of investing and nurturing new business in engineering, sales and marketing and business development. Jana lightspeed believes that to be an icon in computer engineering, you must be conversant with coding. She is ambitious and has dedicated her time on trying to incorporate more women in the tech industry. To foster and fulfil her dreams, she co-founded # ANGELS, an organization that encourages women to pursue bold ideas in the industry. According to Jana lightspeed, the industry will thrive if there is a gender balance. Women must be brought on board.

Lightspeed encourages and promotes teamwork. They believe that to achieve your dreams, you must take action. Taking the organization to greater heights is not the work of an individual, many people must join hands and stress their minds. The company was founded in 1999, and since then it has helped shape over 300 organizations in the consumer and enterprise sector. She is a “lover” of gadgets, and this has formed the base of her career. At a tender age, she spent her Sunday’s afternoon with her father in the streets checking out for the latest tech. She was curious and wanted to know how gadgets work. She has always believed in challenging herself. During her graduation only 5% of ladies made it to completion, she included. It is after graduation she invented the self-driving car. This was an indicator she was headed for great things.

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About the Company

Stansberry Research is an independent subscription-based publisher. It primarily focuses on financial information and software with the aim of delivering unbiased investment intelligence to millions of investors globally. Information provided in its publications come in form of opinions, strategies, and recommendations that target on providing informed financial perspectives to its readers.

Stansberry Research publications include; Stansberry’s Investment Advisory, Stansberry Alpha, Stansberry’s Credit Opportunities, and Stansberry’s Big Trade.

Products and Services

The Stansberry Research organization provides its subscribers with three modelled portfolios. One is the Total Portfolio with up to 40 recommendations for safe income plays, growth stocks, riskier small cap stocks, and emerging markets. Two is The Income Portfolio targeting persons seeking to increase their income. It has about 30 recommendations on fixed-income bonds, bond funds, and income-generating stocks. Three is the Capital Portfolio with over 20 conviction ideas featuring exchange-traded funds, easy-to-buy, and U.S. listed stocks. This portfolio provides investors with the highest possible capital gains.

The Team

The experts at Stansberry Research cover a wide array of topics within a wide range of market conditions and sectors such as biotech, medical technologies, options trading, value investing, and energy sector investing.

Porter Stansberry is the Founder and Lead Editor of Stansberry Research, which is based in Baltimore, Maryland. He founded the organization in 1999 and Stansberry’s Investment Advisory was his first publication. He is also the host of the weekly broadcast Stansberry Investment Hour which is now one of the most sought after online financial radio shows.

Before Porter launched Stansberry Research, he was the first American editor of Fleet Street Letter. Today, Porter has contributed extensively to the financial advisory business. From the launch of Stansberry’s Investment Advisory. Porter has produced a string of accurate forecasts such as his prediction of the mortgage meltdown. This has made his advisory one of the most highly subscribed to in the world consequently helping many readers make amazing gains and avoid catastrophic moves.

Porter works with over twenty of the best analysts and researchers with diverse working backgrounds to include; stockbrokers, accountants, equity analysts, and mutual fund vice presidents in some of the best finance management firms in the world.

More available information at

Agera Energy is an organization that provides electricity and gas to consumers and businesses. Agera Energy is able to serve clients in all 50 states across the United States. Agera is able to do this through its 93 different partnerships that it has inked to provide electricity and natural gas services to consumers.

All in all, Agera Energy serves over 1.8M consumers throughout the United States. Agera Energy’s Eversource makes it easy for consumers to pay their bills. Users are simply able to register their account information and pay their utilities bill using an intuitive web interface.

Agera Energy is committed to investing in next-generation energy efficient technology. By simply browsing the Agera Energy Youtube channel, you’ll be able to witness how committed Agera is to creating a sustainable future. The Agera Energy Facebook page is a great way to stay up-to-date on all the latest happenings at Agera Energy.

If you examine Agera Energy from an HR perspective, you’ll realize that it seems like a great up and coming company to work at. The Agera Energy GlassDoor Career’s page provides a glimpse of life at Agera Energy.

Agera Energy prides itself in being able to work directly with businesses on shaping a power plan that meets their key objectives. These consultations can prove to be valuable during the construction of a new building.

Agera Energy’s Energy to Power initiative helps businesses and consumers conquer their energy challenges by providing them unique, sustainable energy solutions that are cost competitive and custom tailored.

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For 26 years, Highland Capital Management has been helping their bona fide clients manage their assets in the safest, most convenient way possible. It all begun when Mark Okada and James Dondero came together with an idea of starting a privately owned asset management firm that would cause a real difference. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Today, the firm has got well over one hundred employees who work rather too hard to ensure that each and every client receives nothing less than customized services that befit their personal interests. On top of that, Highland Capital Management also has offices in some major cities in the world. These include Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Seoul, Singapore, and New York City.

Highland Capital Management has also been closely involved with acquisitions in a bid to increase their monetary value as well as assets. Some of the most notable acquisitions include ING Capital Management which also saw their first step towards expanding into Europe become a success. A year prior to the acquisition of ING Capital Management, the privately owned asset management firm also acquired Nexbank. Read more about James Dondero at

Another momentary acquisition by Highland Capital Management was the Cityplace Tower which was previously owned by the Parameter Reality Partners and Angelo, Gordon & Co. There are also other acquisitions that the privately owned firm has been involved in over the years which has seen its value in assets rise to an astonishing $14 billion in just 26 years.

All that aside, the privately owned asset management firm also has a huge stake in ensuring that the public is also benefiting from its dealings. The latter explains the most recent $ 10 million allocations towards public funds. These funds were to be used for development as well as the repair of public structures including libraries, sidewalks, social halls, parks and so on.


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