Month: August 2016

Five Ways To Rise Above When Your Reputation Is Attacked

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One unfortunate aspect of running your own business is the fact that issues will come arise that attack or slander your reputation from difficult or outright lying customers. There is no getting around it, eventually your business or even your character itself will come under fire eventually. Handling it in the correct way is crucial….

Malini Saba, the Powerful Women

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In a world fighting for gender equality, most leadership positions are occupied by men. In the past, women were confined in kitchens. The responsibility of women was to bear and raise children. The recent times have since seen women acquiring education and developing careers. A perfect example of a woman admired for her great works…

Laidlaw Caught In The Act Of Corruption

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In a recent order from issued by the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada announced that they have issued a temporary protection order against Laidlaw & Company, as well as it’s principals James Ahern and Matthew Eitner. The order will prevent the company from being able to mislead and provide false material regarding Relmada Therapeutics. Relmada filed the complaint against Laidlaw in response to their release of false information in an attempt to take ownership of Relmada. This should come as no surprise, as Laidlaw has an extensive record of customer complaints,sanctions and monetary penalties. Such false material could not only cause Relmada to lose the trust of its clients, but their ability to continue introducing life changing pain management therapies. LaidLaw & Company is a full service financial firm focused on investment banking and investment advice for both private and public institutions. The first Laidlaw company was established in 1842 after majority of the banks operating in the United States went bankrupt, it was one of the first investment banks in the United States. Matthew Eitner is the current Chief Executive officer of Laidlaw & Company. He began his career with the company is 2010 and had several years of experience in financial management and international strategy and investment. He serves alongside James Ahern, the Managing Partner and Head Of Capital. James has over 13 years of experience in capital management and is a member of the Hedge Fund Group. The blatant attempt to distort customers view of Relmada for personal gain makes one question their morals and values not only as an organization, but individuals as well. Source:


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