Month: October 2016

Global Giving

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  David Osio is someone who has had a lot of success in business. He is a financial advisor who owns his own practice. Over time, he has started to focus on giving back to others in his local community and around the world. There are millions of people in need, and he feels like…

What’s So Trendy About Doe Deere?

Posted by in Women in Business

Doe Deere is a fabulous self-made makeup virtuoso. She was born and raised in Russia and now lives in Los Angeles where she is CEO of Lime Crime. Deere launched the Lime Crime cosmetic lime in 2008, after struggling to find makeup bright enough to match her attire. The company has grown from only a…

Follow Chris Burch And Invest Wisely To Become A Profitable Entreprenuer

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Chris Burch is making the public aware of how the technology and fashion industry have merged together with new innovations for these industries. Burch has watched the progression of how music devices were made fashionable by satisfying the publics’ desires of wanting to carry their music wherever they traveled. The boom box was the portable…

How the Wessex Institute of Technology Can Help you Find a Job

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The Wessex Institute of Technology is the too professional organization for people that work in the science and technology industries. Those that work in this field are probably fully aware of the number of conferences that the Wessex Institute of Technology hosts each year, but many may be surprised by the other ways that the…


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