Month: January 2017

Mikhail Blagosklonny Develops TOR Hypothesis for Cancer Treatment

Posted by in Oncology Professor

Medical Science is known to have prolonged the standard human lifespan. Since the public health programmes for the treatment of infectious diseases like cancer, the population of the 60-year-old has increased since 1980. According to research, by 2050, this number will be 2 billion, leading to an increase in the number of old people with…

Undying entrepreneurial efforts from Brian Bonar: Bellamy’s Restaurant

Posted by in French Chef, Rancho Bernardo Inn in El Bizcocho

San Diego has a flashy lifestyle as usual including charming restaurants and other business empires. Escondido is among the cities well known for this kind of lifestyle in California, and it is only thirty miles from San Diego. Bellamy’s is the newest and among the best restaurants in the city. It was founded by Brian…

How Fabletics Is Giving Amazon a Run for Their Money in the Sports Fashion Industry

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Fabletics’ unwavering dominance in the Fashion industry has grabbed headlines in recent weeks. The brand has surpassed all expectations by competing with Amazon, which currently controls 20% of the e-commerce market. Such success is attributed to Kate Hudson and her growing popularity among consumers. Her participation in the business venture has positively contributed to the…

Jason Hope: A Man Who Loves Technology

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As an entrepreneur, tech enthusiast, and futurist, he has earned his reputation. He is very passionate about technical advancements, and he has a clear understanding of them. One of the reasons that he loves technology is all of the neat things that are achieved with them. Among the pieces of technology that are very fascinating…

The Future of Transport Facilities

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Transit discussions in Austin are mainly focused just on a city. The most recent William County Growth Summit provided a chance to structure transportation problems around the needs of the areas suburban communities. This discussion was meant on identifying how technologies are altering the face transportation in the Austin region and the entire world.  …


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