Month: June 2017

Jose Henrique Borghi: The mind of a Brazilian Businessman

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The Relationship of Emotions to Sincerity, by José Borghi, of Mullen Lowe Brazil: An unprecedented study by Narita Design & Strategy confirmed the legitimacy of the premise that an image would be worth a thousand words. The participants, about a hundred young men, had a maximum of 28 years. Besides the chosen age range, the…

Jason Hope and the Internet of Things Can Change Lives

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We are experiencing a technological revival in a way that we have never seen before. While the internet and internet related technology has been exceedingly popular of late, Jason Hope believes that it is going to hit a fever pitch and move on to the next level here soon. Jason Hope is the founder of…

Bernardo Chua Continues To Drive Organo Gold Innovation

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Following the successful growth and expansion of Organo Gold, founder Bernardo Chua has become a recognized thought leader and visionary of a multi-million dollar organization. Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and has more than 20 years of industry experience. Chua has been instrumental in personifying and driving the…

Sam Boraie Development’s Omar Boraie Has Impressed the Central Jersey Working Moms

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It takes a lot of work and effort to be able to build up an entire city from literal crumbles but Omar Boraie was able to do just that with the New Brunswick town and the areas surrounding it. He worked hard to make sure that he was going to be able to provide people…

The Art of Event Planning with Twenty Three Layers

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The art of planning and pulling off a successful party involves being organized and planning ahead. If you follow these simple steps, you should have an easy, stress-free time with a gorgeous party as the end result. Keep several lists that you update throughout the party planning process, this will ensure you don’t forget anything…

Securus Receives Accreditation from Better Business Bureau

Posted by in Inmate Communication

Securus Technologies Company is a leader in the development of fast working solutions in this industry. For over three decades of professional experience, Securus Technologies Company has worked to develop fast working solutions in a manner that depicts the true leadership in this industry. For this reason, no one knows the meaning of its inception…


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