Month: July 2017

New President Means New Problems for End Citizens United

Posted by in Politics

The point of End Citizens United was to work to make the decision to allow corporations to function as citizens. It was something that not only changed the way that corporations were able to donate to campaigns and funds for politicians but also changed the landscape of the American voting system. There were many problems…

Exploring French Wines With The Traveling Vineyard

Posted by in Careers, Wine Industry

The nation of France is well known for the success of the wine industry that sees the country produce more than one billion bottles of various varieties from almost every part of the nation. The Traveling Vineyard believes one of the best options for any wine enthusiast to enjoy is to head out to various…

Aloha Construction Previews Its Upcoming Product

Posted by in Lake Zurich, Loving your home, remodeling your home, roofing solutions

Since they started operating, Aloha Construction has been responsible for providing the best roofing solutions to majority of the residents in Illinois and south Wisconsin. Many homesteads have been able to deal with rough weather including hailstorms and strong winds that frequent Illinois all thanks to Aloha Construction.   In a bid to make more…

Dr. Cameron Clokie: Toronto Regenerative Medicine

Posted by in Maxillofacial surgery

Regenerative skeletal reconstruction might be a mouthful, but Dr. Cameron Clokie makes it easy to understand and breaks the implications of various illnesses down to construct the proper steps towards treatment and recovery. He holds many accomplishments including a specialization training and PhD in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery. He is currently CEO of Induce Biologic…

How Does The Hussain Sajwani Family Build Up The Middle East?

Posted by in Business

The DAMAC owner is the Hussain Sajwani family, and Hussain has spent many years growing a brand that matters to him and the people of the Middle East. He has a vision for the future that has every large city in the region built upon the most beautiful buildings, and he wants to create developments…


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