Month: August 2017

Avaaz – The Largest Online Activist Network in the World

Posted by in Global Activism

Avaaz, which means “voice” in multiple different languages, is a global web movement focused on bringing people powered politics to decision-making all over the world. Since opening their doors in 2007 they have attracted over 45 million members from 194 different countries. With over 340 million actions taken by members since January 2007, its safe…

The Excellence Created At AXA Advisors By Vinny Parascandola

Posted by in Investment Advice

Mr. Vincent Parascandola is at the helm of AXA Advisors where he acts as the Senior Executive Vice President. His expertise primarily revolves around conducting interviews, employment of new personnel (he is also liable to fire personnel), sales, purchases, and mentoring of interns.   He is popularly known as Vinny, and he has been engaged…

JHSF continues tradition of building and operating Brazil’s premier hotels

Posted by in Businessman, Real Estate

Although many of the socialist persuasion may not want to readily admit it, it is an economic truth that attracting the rich and powerful is one of the most surefire ways to create great economic prosperity for any given region. This is as true in the developing world as it is in the developed, with…

A Look At Vijay Eswaran’s Educational And Entrepreneurial Background

Posted by in Business

Vijay Eswaran is a respected businessman and motivational speakers. Having studied and worked abroad, he has vast management experience. While he was in London, Vijay pursued his socio-economics degree at the world-renowned London School of Economics. He also enhanced his skills in management accounting by obtaining CIMA certification. After staying in the United Kingdom for…

Sweetgreen’s Promising Future with Nathaniel Ru

Posted by in Healthy Food

Nathaniel Ru and his comrades had a problem finding affordable healthy places to eat during his senior year in Washington D.C at Georgetown University. Finally, they found a tavern on M Street which was 560 square foot gave them an idea to found their own. Six years later, they started an eatery on M Street…

Dr Jennifer Walden Performs Facial Procedures and Breast Lift Augmentation

Posted by in Doctors, Plastic Surgeon

Dr Jennifer Lee Walden is a certified plastic surgeon who hails from Austin, Texas. Jennifer serves as a member of the Modern Aesthetics’ and Plastic Surgery Practice’s Editorial Board of Directors. Jennifer’s primary area of specialization is breast and facial surgery. As an active and certified Board member of the American Plastic Surgery, she relocated…

The Quincy: Luxury for a Price.

Posted by in New Jersey

The Quincy. Found in the heart of downtown, just a stone’s throw from the New Jersey State Theatre of the Arts. Each unit is bestowed with up-to-date interior styling cues, full-spectrum amenities commonplace to accommodations of this level. These condo style homes fully intended to be an upscale living community yet, seem to have missed…

Patty Rocklage the Unique Communicator Helping Couples Get Through Their Differences

Posted by in Marriage Council

Today’s challenge for clashing marriage couples is finding that reputable counselor who effectively directs them to the resolution. Patty Rocklage is the family and marriage therapist with the unique communicative skills in helping couples get through their differences. During her twenty-year experience on this subject, Patty has become a prestigious and sought-out therapist in Sudbury,…

Orange Coast College’s Smelly Corpse Flower

Posted by in Amorphophallus Titanum Plant

The corpse flower, formally known as the Amorphophallus titanum plant, is set to bloom this week at Orange Coast College. Corpse flowers are known for their smelly aroma, which is often said to be quite similar to that of a decaying corpse. They grow rather large as well. The corpse flower that will be on…

The Youth Center Advocates For the Youngest Migrants

Posted by in Youth Advocate

In 2016, The Young Center opened its new office in Phoenix, Arizona in response to an almost unthinkable need. Each year, thousands of children show up at the US-Mexican border, sometimes with their parents, but sometimes alone, hoping for a better life, a chance to escape abuse, or out of a desire to achieve their…


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