In 1980, Dr. Saad Saad was offered a unique opportunity serving the Saudi Royal as a private pediatric for two main reasons; – he was a board-certified pediatric surgeon who could fluently speak in both English and Arabic in the whole of United States.


Dr. Saad was conceived in Palestine, brought up in Kuwait with a poor background, and was one of eight siblings – three surgeons, to Masters Degrees in Engineering, two PhDs, and one teacher. He attained his medical degree 47 years back in Egypt at Cairo University with honors. After the completion of his internship in England, Dr. Saad moved to the United States 45 years back. He finished his residency in surgery later in Pediatric Surgery and is now Board Certified in the Pediatric Surgery.


While still working at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh, Dr. Saad was called up to perform simple to most complicated surgeries. He completed a pediatric medical procedure on the youngest child to have been admitted with an aneurysm. He saved the baby and persuaded a world-class scientific daily to publish the points of interest of the case with the aim of educating others. The Protocol Office as well as the head of the doctor’s facility profoundly regarded Dr. Saad’s assessment as an accomplished specialist. His proposals on whether to perform medical procedures at the hospital or flying patients abroad were considered important. An assistant boss at the center personally put his trust on Dr. Saad to perform a medical procedure on his child at the hospital as opposed to flying him abroad.


Dr. Saad, while in the U.S, served his community and also helped youngsters and the youths in the Holy Land, including four Medical Missions in U.S and eight Medical Missions to Jerusalem and West Bank to perform free complex medical procedures on poor youngsters. This chance in Saudi Arabia handed him another opportunity in serving the less fortunate by providing their children the absolute best therapeutic process when they were generally frantic.


Dr. Saad created numerous new pediatric surgeries and had also patented two inventions. He made a gadget that finds a catheter inside the body with no kind of specialized scanner. He went ahead in making another device – an endoscope with an inbuilt suction which clears liquids providing a clear view for the surgeon. His inventions enabled doctors to avoid unnecessary complications and play out their roles in a quicker, more secure way.


He’s been married for over 42 years and got four children; – two surgeons, a lawyer, and one ICU Nurse. Dr. Saad was initially expected to remain in Saudi Arabia for one year, but he did not have the desire to move the children around as they were growing up and undergoing their early childhood education. Learn more:



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