Avaaz – The Largest Online Activist Network in the World

Avaaz, which means “voice” in multiple different languages, is a global web movement focused on bringing people powered politics to decision-making all over the world. Since opening their doors in 2007 they have attracted over 45 million members from 194 different countries.

With over 340 million actions taken by members since January 2007, its safe to say Avaaz is taking the world by storm. In 2012 The Guardian labeled them as one of the largest and most powerful online activist networks in the world.

The Avaaz Mission

The mission of Avaaz is very simple and very democratic. According to their website, they hope to organize citizens of all nations and inspire them to close the gap between the world we have right now, and the world that we all really want.

Avaaz is accomplishing their mission by utilizing the power of the internet to empower millions of people from all walks of life to take action on the many issues that are plaguing communities all over the globe. Some of the issues they address include poverty, climate change and corruption. Flickr Photos.

Being that they use the internet as their organizing tool, they are able to reach millions of people in a short span of time. This enables them to create a powerful collective force for change with a few clicks of a button.

At the end of the day Avaaz is all about taking action. Their team members and volunteers send out emails, lobby governments, have petitions signed and organize protests all in an effort to ensure it is the people who are informing the decisions being made by governments all over the world.

To learn more about Avaaz and to be a part of something bigger than yourself, visit them online at



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