Endorsing Of Doug Jones By ECU To Champion Their Agenda In Senate

Recently, the End Citizens United (ECU) has decided to support Doug Jones, a Democratic nominee, for the US Senate. Mr. Jones will be up against Roy Moore for the Alabama 12th December special election to replace Jeff Sessions. The seat is vacant after confirmation of Jeff as the US attorney general by the Senate.

The ECU president praised Doug Jones as a man of integrity, character, and a tough prosecutor who will defend the rights of Americans. He brought to justice the KKK members who were involved in the bombing of 16th Street Baptist Church. ECU stated that “Jones is committed to unrigging the system by getting Big Money out of politics and giving a voice to those who have been shut…”

Against Roy Moore

ECU strongly opposed Roy Moore candidature in the election. ECU described Moore as an extremist with a narrow agenda that defend the rigged, corrupt system in Washington. They continued to state that Moore is there to grace the precedencies of the special few rather than the majority Alabamians.

According to Tiffany Muller, the president of ECU, the US Senate should not tolerate Moore’s extreme ideology and radical agendas. His interest for more will overshadow the political representations of the people. Muller gave an example of how Moore embarrassed Alabamians by paying himself and his wife over one million dollars from a charity. Furthermore, Moore has alignment with mega-donors like Mercer family and Steve Bannon.

Muller stated that Moore campaigns were full of hatred and sponsored by ‘dark money.’ Moore had repealed the Johnson Amendment allowing funneling campaigns money through churches. According to him, Moore suspension as the Judge demonstrated how he positions his personal view rather than that of the rule of law. He advised judges to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couple, pushed the idea that President Obama was not a born American and that “9/11 attacks were divine punishments on Americans.”

In his quest for the Senate seat, Mr. Moore got the support of the PAC, The Senate Leadership Fund. PAC had supported Moore’s primary opponent, Luther Strange.

About End Citizens United

ECU is a Political Action Committee in the US that dedicates itself to oppose Citizen United and fight reforms in the campaign finance systems. ECU support dedicated democrats who are ready for changes. Founded in March 2015, ECU is a grass-roots funded organization. ECU is very active in the social media with over three hundred thousand followers on Facebook and over thirty thousand on Twitter.

The mission is to elect pro-reforms candidates, evoking the money issue in politics as a national priority and advocating of the passing of pro-reforms laws in the states. Also, ECU utilizes its grassroots membership to present its political powers on the topic of money in politics.


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