Lauded Diplomat Daniel Taub Treated To Fond Farewell After Retirement

Meeting Elizabeth II, the Queen of England, on a private one to one basis is a fairly rare occurrence and one which most will never get to do. However, this is precisely what Israeli diplomat Daniel Taub did one fine day in 2011. The Queen and the diplomat exchanged greetings, she in her garland attire and he, wearing his kippah, the small, brimless headpiece also known as the yarmulke, worn by Orthodox Jews.

The event was significant not merely because of the Queen but also because Mr. Taub himself, a native born Brit who had since moved to Israel, had previously been her subject. She inquired what it felt like to be speaking on diplomatic terms to the representative of the country he had been born and raised in. Read more:Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

Mr. Taub responded that it was the highest of honors, for not only would he be able to work out political arrangements that would better the Israeli people, he would also be able to, at the same time, help his former countrymen and women.

He also expressed his keen interest in bring the state of Israel and the United Kingdom into a more amiable and mutually beneficial relationship.

Daniel Taub has since retired and in his relatively brief tenure as Israeli ambassador UK and Israeli relations have improved markedly. He stated publicly, in a interview with The Jewish Chronicle he also stated that most everything he had wished to accomplish had come to pass.

Mr. Taub made quite a impression to many during his stint as envoy to The Crown and his passing from office has been noted by the UK’s Jewish community with the greatest of admiration and sadness.

In fact he had become so popular in the last days of his tenure that he regularly received more invitations from members of the UK’s Jewish community than he could possibly accept.

A lavish farewell reception was thrown for Mr. Taub upon his departure where member of both the UK and Israeli community expressed the fact that he would be sorely missed. It is no exaggeration to say that Mr. Taub will be remember as one of, if not, the single most popular, Israeli ambassador since the days of Shlomo Argov.

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