Sweetgreen’s Promising Future with Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru and his comrades had a problem finding affordable healthy places to eat during his senior year in Washington D.C at Georgetown University.

Finally, they found a tavern on M Street which was 560 square foot gave them an idea to found their own. Six years later, they started an eatery on M Street which has grown to the current magnificent restaurant Sweetgreen. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

It happened that the owner of the tavern space where they wanted to start their restaurant was the apartment landlord where Nathaniel and his friends lived. Ru called and explained to the landlord about their business idea, but she hung up.

For a month Nathaniel and his friends still insisted on calling the landlord until she agreed to have them for a business meeting.

They showed up at the meeting with a three-page business plan and had an idea of calling the place ‘greens’ and one page was for financials. The landlord believed in their idea, and therefore she asked them to get an architect and some sponsors and then present a real plan of activities.

It took them three and half weeks to find some business sponsors and an architect. Ru and his friends did not have any restaurant experience, but the landlord still helped them.

Sweetgreen now has stores in major Northeast’s urban areas and their outskirts such as branches found in Boston, Philadelphia, New York, and Washington. Most of their ingredients are brought from local farmers thus their food gets fresher, delicious and healthier daily.

Theresa Dold, another graduate from Georgetown University who is in charge of digital marketing at Sweetgreen, stated that Sweetgreen was not only started as a salad restaurant but with a deeper purpose.

In April 2009, the founders got a bigger restaurant space near DuPont Circle in Washington, but customers did not come in the first fortnight. The owners decided to introduce speakers and play music every weekend. This idea brought improvements in the company with almost 600 customers showing up. Therefore from the music idea, the company introduced an annual event called sweetlife.

Nathaniel Ru is the founder and the Co- CEO of Sweetgreen Company founded in 2007 together with Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. He is a graduate of Georgetown University at the McDonough School of Business. Nathaniel is passionate about his business ideas and hopes for a bright future for Sweetgreen.


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