The Real Real is getting real with makeup

The Real Real is a high-quality apparel company that is known for its luxury clothes, shoes, and jewelry. The Real Real is now creating plans to introduce makeup to their luxury site. They did not campaign their introduction of makeup to their product line. Through quiet discussions, it was revealed that they would be opening their company to the cosmetic industry.

The Real Real runs a traditional street side business in Manhattan, New York. This is the main headquarters for their business, they also have a Las Vegas pop up shop. According to sources, the Real Real has made their makeup product available in their Manhattan location as well as their Vegas pop up shop. Although they are offering makeup options in their shops, they are still in the works of testing their products. Their choice to introduce makeup will most definitely expand their company’s outreach.

The Real Real did state that they are now offering makeup in their online store. They stated that they wanted to attract a certain crowd of luxury customers and consumers that will be attracted to their high-quality products. Their intent is to be a one-stop destination for all things luxury.

Their company is steering away from their consignment style when it comes to makeup, they are offering high-quality brand new products for their makeup selection. Some sources have said that the Real Real is working directly with their makeup handlers rather than going through a third party company.

The Real Real like many other online based company’s, has begun catering to millennials by offering beauty products in their stores. It is very important for their company to focus on the generation born during the rise of the internet because that is where many millennials spend most of their time. Prior to the release of their makeup products during the holiday season, founder Julie Wainwright revealed that they are focusing more on defining the lines between their beauty products in order to offer variety in their stores. The Real Real’s plan for the future will most definitely cater to current trending generations and styles.


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