Trusting In Your Own Style Is The Best Option For Doe Deere

Maintaining faith in your own beliefs and trusting in the need for self expression is one of the most important aspects of the success cosmetics entrepreneur Doe Deere has achieved over the last few years. The LimeCrime brand Doe Deere established is not yet a decade old and it has already made vast changes to the entire landscape of the cosmetics industry; Deere and her team at LimeCrime have developed new concepts, such as the need for a on lip swatch lipstick sample that is now seen as one of the industry standards.


Not only does Doe Deere see herself as something of an outsider in the cosmetics industry, but she also feels it is more important than ever before for every person around the world to find a way to express themselves and their personality. For Doe Deere one of the best ways she has found for expressing herself has been through the clothes and makeup she wears each and every day; from her brightly colored hair to her individual sense of style, Doe Deere is always looking for the best options to show off her own personality. In the world of Doe Deere the rules of fashion are only there to be broken as she feels her own style cannot be defined by another person and should instead be made up of what feels good at any time of the day or night.


Taking decisive action is another aspect of the personality of Doe Deere she has grown over the course of her entrepreneurial career, which has seen her use her own inspiration as the starting point for each and every decision made about her LimeCrime brand. Deere explains the only way she can work in any area is by feeling passionate about the work she is completing and making it as strong and powerful as possible.


Like many entrepreneurs who look back on their career, whether they are at the starting point or have achieved a great deal over the course of their life, Doe Deere’s only regret about her career is not setting out on the LimeCrime journey earlier in her life. The idea had been kicked around by Deere for a number of years as she had looked to establish her career as a musician, but was eventually begun in 2008 as a fashion line that would morph into greater success as a cosmetics line.


  1. Cadence Yadiel

    The journey of Lime Crime as an inspiring brand with their personality is the best thing that I have seen today. Most specially, reviews can help you to imagine the significance that this woman in the making is representing some of the most successful women in entrepreneurship. Doe Deere will continue to be a good example to follow if you like the success she has minvented.

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